Moray Security can install BT REDCARE to conform to your insurance company's specification.  

REDCARE conforms to all insurance and police standards and policies

We are also able to take over existing REDCARE installations, or upgrade to REDCARE GSM.

WHY USE REDCARE?  Digital Communicators are the simplest form of signalling - but are vulnerable so your system may not be providing you with an adequate level of security ..........

  • REDCARE is the most secure form of signalling available because the telephone line is continuously monitored to provide a secure signalling path to the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • REDCARE GSM works in the same way as standard REDCARE but it uses a dual monitored signal path.
  • REDCARE Home is the latest  REDCARE product designed for the domestic market and areas where the telephone exchange does not support the other redcare products

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